Talk Shows


  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10-11 am              
3-4pm         Puckin’ Around with Connor Newcomb, Tyler O’Connor, and Bryan Taylor Hosts: Eric Myers and Eddie Hobbs  
4-5pm   Hosts: Zach Solon, Borja Rebaza, and Collin Coyne          
5-6pm   MMA Talk with David Akerman          
6-7pm   Host: Mark McLure It Takes Two with Isaiah Cromer and MacKaiya Cherry Cam and Kamber (Cam Hasbrouck and Ryan Kamber)      
7-8pm   Hosts: Cam Hasbrouck and Josh Krinsky Host: Dylan D’Andrea The Mark Out Show with Charles Nyonga Shut Up and Listen with Arun Maran and Matt Ault    
9-10pm     The Wave with Ryan Martin        

If you would like to fill one of our empty time spots with your own sports talk show, please contact our program director Connor Newcomb, or email

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