Terps top the B1G standings in 11-8 win over Rutgers

By Jasmine Brown

The Terps lacrosse team have now won eight games straight and they are steaming hot. After starting the season 1-2, the Terps have made a statement, and they continued to make one with their win over first place Rutgers on senior day.

Dylan Maltz had a career high four goals, while Matt Rambo and Colin Heacock scored three goals, respectively.

There was a lot of back of forth scoring in the first quarter between the Terps and Scarlet Knights. Rutgers would score the first goal following a goal scored by Pat Young. Rutgers would retake the lead, but would not last long as Rambo would score a goal of his own. Terps would take their first lead of the game with a goal scored by Maltz.

However, Rutgers would go on a 4-0 run to extend their lead to 6-3.

“When you watch them on film, it’s like watching us,” head coach John Tillman said. “A lot of their defensive packages, and zones there are a lot of things we’ve done.”

Maryland found themselves in a hole, something not new for them, but they always find a way to dig themselves out of it. Maryland would come back to tie the game and end the third quarter on a 4-1 run, leading 7-6.

“Our big focus for the last couple of weeks has been to stay consistent and stay positive and worry about the next play. I think that’s been huge,” said by Pat Young.

The Terps would extend their run of unanswered goals, scoring their seventh straight, taking a 10-6 lead. Rutgers needed to stop the bleeding and they did by a goal. However it was too late as although they did score another goal after Maryland’s, the Knights could not keep up with the Terps as they held them to only 2 goals. The Terps however scored 8 total goals, helping them defeat the top seed in Rutgers and winning their eighth straight game since their loss to then No. 1 Notre Dame.

“We started to find out groove a little bit and our offense did a great job. I wish I can say that we all shut down and played perfect 6 on 6 defense, but I think you got to look at the bigger at the offense. Great possessions, great wing play and great goalie play.”

The Terps look to stretch their win streak to nine on Tuesday as they face the Navy in a big game matchup previously postponed. Tipoff starts at 7 p.m.

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