The Impossible Became Possible as the Terps Took Down Ohio State in OT

By Connor Bell

With perhaps its biggest test of its new conference, Maryland rolled into Columbus, Ohio knowing it would be a hard fought game through and through. With the home crowd to their advantage, the Ohio State Buckeyes found themselves dominating the game versus their third-ranked Big Ten opponent by taking a 9-5 lead with only four minutes left in the fourth period.

But everyone knew that the Terps were not going to go down without a fight, winning this game meant that Maryland would at least have a share of the Big Ten regular season title when the season came to an end, and would also give them much needed momentum coming home to play interstate rival Johns Hopkins in a week from their trip to Columbus.

With all this on the line the Terps just turned on the after burners after the Buckeyes thought they were done, as they scored four straight goals no more than two minutes apart as they forced overtime.

By the time overtime came around, Maryland knew they had this in the bag, they had completely taken the momentum from Ohio State, although overtime proved to be anything but another shootout as Maryland senior Jay Carlson put one in the back of the net with 0:49 left on the clock as Maryland downed the Buckeyes in thrilling fashion just like they have been winning all their games like this it seems this season.

This win kept the Terps undefeated in the Big Ten and moved to (12-1) overall. Their final regular season game will be on April 25th, against classic rival Johns Hopkins, for Maryland’s annual purple game in College Park.

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