WMUC Sports Fall 2017 Application

Hello everybody!

Applications for fall crews are now open. We are opening up applications early because we need to figure out what games we can travel to and book that travel as early as possible. After the success of our most recent Launch campaign, we are working to send people to cover non-revenue sports in addition to all of the football games in the fall.

For every application: Please send ALL materials to wmucsports@gmail.com. In the subject line, please write which department you are applying for. For broadcast crews, the subject should read Broadcast Crew Fall 2017 Application. For news crews and insider positions, the subject should read News Crew/Insider Fall 2017 Application. For talk shows, the subject should read Talk Show Fall 2017 Application. Please make sure your subject line is correct, as it makes it easier for us to get through applications. You are also more than welcome to apply for more than one position within WMUC Sports. In fact, it’s encouraged. If you wish to apply for multiple positions, please include all required materials in ONE email.

To apply for a broadcast crew: 

Please send your resume, a cover letter indicating your experience with WMUC Sports and preferences for fall sports (Football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey, volleyball), and a tape of you broadcasting to wmucsports@gmail.com. If you’ve broadcasted for us or any another outlet, please proved a link or attach a file of that broadcast. If you have not, you can just mute the TV and record yourself calling a game. We are working to improve our broadcasts and want to put the best products out there. Having a sample of your broadcasting skills is critical for determining crews.

To apply for a news crew/insider position: 

For news:

Please send your resume, a cover letter indicating your experience with WMUC Sports and preferences for fall sports (Football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey, volleyball), and two clips to wmucsports@gmail.com. Each fall crew will have 3 to 4 news writers who will attend games and postgame interviews. Writers will submit articles to our news director, Max Marcilla, following the game. Articles will be a recap of the game including quotes, but also will need to find some sort of storyline. The deadline will be 1-2 hours after the game and will be strictly enforced. Articles should be finished while the writer is still at the press box after the game as the press area remains open. We want to remain competitive with other publications and missing deadlines will not be tolerated.

For insider positions:

We are looking for dedicated, responsible, and hard working reporters to be our fall sports beat reporters. Each reporter will cover their own fall sport. These reporters will be responsible for being that sport’s insider. Insiders will attend their sport’s media availability once a week as well as games. The two main responsibilities include: recording a weekly interview for WMUC Sports website at the media availability and assist broadcasters at games with in game analysis/halftime reports. Weekly interviews with players and coaches will also be sent to Max Marcilla for editing and posting.

Unlike news, this position requires two published clips and an example that will showcase your reporting abilities to our executive staff. Send your resume, clips, reporting examples, and top two fall sport preferences to wmucsports@gmail.com.

To apply for a talk show:

Please send your resume and a cover letter with a brief description of your show’s premise, who the hosts will be, and three 1-hour time slots of when you would like your show to air to wmucsports@gmail.com. Our programming director, Jarred Belman, will set up a talk show schedule that will be in place throughout the fall semester.

Bonus-To apply for our graphics team:

Recently, WMUC Sports put together some graphics for Maryland’s Championship lacrosse teams and they received great traction on Twitter. Obviously pictures garner more attention on social media than just a post with text. We are looking for a few creative Photoshop or Illustrator users to put together some templates during the summer (no hard deadlines) that we can use for the next year. In addition, we could ask you to make a graphic for a big event or for each team’s schedules as we prepare for the next season. Email wmucsports@gmail.com with a few ideas you have and the entire board will review each application. This is a new department we feel will benefit us in many ways and allow us to develop different skills that will be useful outside of radio.

We’re excited to get the ball rolling on what should be another successful year for WMUC Sports. And remember, Your Terps. Your Station.

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