Men’s Soccer Concludes Winless Big Ten Season With Loss to Ohio State

Courtesy of Maryland Athletics

Freshman goalkeeper Saxon Wolcott started to move outside of his goalie box, setting up to make a play at the ball bouncing his way. Wolcott set up to kick but he misjudged it and missed the kick as Ohio State midfielder Michael Adedokun closed in. Adedokun got there in time and got past Wolcott, scoring an empty net go-ahead goal in the 58th minute.

Maryland men’s soccer lost to Ohio State, 4-1, Sunday afternoon. The Terps finished the season with an overall record of 4-8-3 and a conference record of 0-6-2. It’s the first time since 1992 that Maryland is winless in conference play and the first time under head coach Sasho Cirovski. It’s the first time Maryland has gone winless in Big Ten play. 

The Buckeyes tacked on their final two goals in a three minute span in the second half. Seniors Connor DesRoches and Parker Grinstead scored the goals, their firsts of the year. The three goals Maryland allowed in the second half tied for the largest total they’ve allowed in a half this season. Villanova was the other team to do it on October 10.

The Terps were outshot 10 to one in the second half, after starting the game with a lead, scoring on a corner in the 21st minute. 

Leon Koehl took the corner kick and serviced it into the box. The ball found multiple heads and when it finally landed on grass, Max Riley shot, but it was saved by Max Trejo. Trejo’s save deflected right to Bjarne Thiesen, who tapped in his second goal of the season. 

Thiesen’s goal was one of two shots on goal the Terps had in the first half. The Buckeyes matched the Terps in shots on goal until the 44th minute. 

Adedokun passed the ball into the box looking to get the ball to his teammate who was covered by Thiesen. Thiesen headed the ball into the air but right to Buckeye Andre Roberts. Roberts kept the ball in the air, heading it over Wolcott, sending the two teams into halftime tied at one. 

Maryland will head into the offseason with a young group that showed signs of improvement, especially on the offensive end. The Terps scored at least one goal in their final seven games after struggling to score early in the year.