PRESS RELEASE: WMUC Sports kicks off inaugural 24-hour live marathon

WMUC Sports launches our first live 24-hour marathon in 60 years. The marathon starts Friday at 10 a.m., continuing our fundraiser to create a sustainable travel fund for future WMUC Terps.

We want to start by saying thank you to everyone who donated to our page on Giving Day. With your help and overwhelming support, we surpassed our goal of 75 donors and $4,000. The Giving Day turnout was amazing, but we still have a long way to go.

We are working for the next 28 days to raise a stable start for what we hope to be many successful years of sustainable fundraising for our travel fund. Friday March 10, we launch our second big push, a 24-hour radio marathon starting at 10 a.m. hosted by students throughout the Philip Merrill College. We are even going live from Bentley’s.

The marathon starts at 10 a.m. Friday with Connor Mount and Gabe Fernandez and continues nonstop through Saturday morning. We will be back on air Saturday afternoon for our regularly schedule coverage of the Women’s lacrosse game against Syracuse at 1 p.m.

We are broadcasting across three channels, so be sure to check the schedule below for showtimes, hosts, and channels.

It’s your Terps. Your station. Help send us across the nation.

Time Show What Channel?
10am-11am CNS
11am-12pm CNS
12pm-1pm Lamar Johnson and Testudo Times
1pm-2pm Lamar Johnson and Testudo Times
2pm-3pm The Rundown (Patrick Stoll)
3pm-4pm The Soup Kitchen (Jarred and Jared)
4pm-5pm Jersey Boys (Noah Gross and Ryan Homler)
5pm-6pm Liam Fulling, Duncan Woodward, James Mahoney
6pm-7pm Friday Night Highlights (Patrick Bortel and Connor Senay)
7pm-8pm Cam and Kamber (Cam Hasbrouck and Ryan Kamber)
8pm-9pm Trusting the Process (Bryan Jones, Russell Goodcare and Chris Lee)
9pm-10pm Beards and the Bachelor (Max Marcilla and Ann Parangot)
10pm-11pm Scott Gelman’s Super Informative Show(with Austin Kleber and Johnny Moseman)
11pm-12am Max Marcilla & Joe Malfa
12am-1am Daniel Chavkin
1am-2am DC Chillin (Thomas Pullano & Michael Errigo)
2am-3am DC Chillin (Thomas Pullano & Michael Errigo)
3am-4am ;
4am-5am Kevin Brown, Noah Gross, Ryan Homler
5am-6am Kevin Brown, Noah Gross, Ryan Homler
6am-7am Emily Olsen
7am-8am Smeds and Beats also Gill on the side
8am-9am Smeds and Beats also Gill on the side
9am-10am Justin Gallanty
1:00 PM Women’s Lacrosse Game against Syracuse